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Norton 360 Premium

NortonAntivirus & SecurityAntivirus

Norton 360 Premium is a variant of the popular antivirus program designed specifically for users who need network protection for multiple devices. By choosing it, you can benefit from professional security against cyber threats under a single license, covering up to 10 devices!


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  • Internet anonymity through VPN encryption.
  • Up to 75 GB of cloud backup for additional file security.
  • Monitoring of communication from the protected device with others connected to the same network.
  • Norton blocks unauthorized network traffic to enhance the security of your files and passwords.
  • SafeCam feature promptly sends alerts about attempts to access your camera and blocks them.

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Among the most essential features of antivirus software is protection against phishing and other cyber scams. Norton 360 Premium utilizes modern technologies such as content filtering and behavior analysis to shield users from potentially harmful websites and messages that pose threats to privacy and security. It can automatically block websites and emails containing links and attachments deemed hazardous to your device's security, as well as warn against portals that could potentially lead to data theft.

Another key feature is the quick scanning of devices to detect dangerous files and malicious software. Norton Premium safeguards your computer against various types of viruses, automatically detecting and removing them before they can attack your system. It offers real-time protection and automatically updates itself to provide the best defense against even new and increasingly advanced threats.

This program, designed for demanding users, is also equipped with a feature that allows scanning the hard drives of all devices covered by the license to detect and remove infected files. It includes tools that grant users full control over their data and personal information, preventing leaks and protecting against unauthorized access. Privacy protection also enables the removal of cookies, browsing history, and other personal data, making tracking by hackers virtually impossible.

An important element of Norton 360 Premium is its parental control feature, which can be applied to selected devices. It allows monitoring children's access to inappropriate content by establishing rules and limitations, providing a safe online environment in a straightforward manner. Additionally, features facilitating remote learning are available under the "School Time" option.

The program also includes tools for securing and protecting important data and files, preventing loss due to viruses, system crashes, hard drive damage, and more. This pertains to backup copies stored on external drives or in the cloud, enabling quick data recovery.

Norton Premium also cares for the system's operational efficiency. It suggests which unused files and applications are worth removing, as they take up considerable space on the hard drive and decrease system performance. Diagnostic and system maintenance tools help identify and resolve issues, while users can monitor and manage system resources for optimal performance.

The password manager is another crucial feature of Norton Premium. It aids users in managing and securely storing access data for websites and online services. It also facilitates generating strong passwords and checking whether passwords have been used in an unauthorized manner, further enhancing the security of various accounts.

The Premium variant also offers a Dark Web monitoring feature. This involves tracking and analyzing information associated with your identity, such as your name, email address, and credit card numbers, which may be shared without your consent. If Norton detects information linked to your identity, it promptly notifies you and offers support to safeguard your personal information.


  • Operating systemWindows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Processor:1 GHz oder schneller
  • Working memory1 – 2 GB RAM

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Norton 360 Premium, Norton 360 Premium +Utilities Ultimate 2023

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