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Norton 360 for Gamers

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Norton 360 for Gamers antivirus software is designed specifically for computer game lovers. By opting for this antivirus, you get multi-layered protection for devices, game accounts, and digital assets for both casual and hardcore gamers.

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  • Additional data protection with up to 50 GB cloud backup.
  • Firewall to protect against unauthorized attempts to access your computer over the Internet or network.
  • Improves PC performance while gaming, so you don't have to worry about slowing performance or game freezes.
  • Ability to automatically disable antivirus and other apps while gaming to ensure best performance.
  • SafeCam feature that immediately alerts you to camera access attempts and blocks them.

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You can install Norton 360 for Gamers on up to three devices with one license. It monitors and ensures the security of all running applications to prevent unauthorized activities and protect against threats. With a VPN service, your online activities are encrypted.

Protection against phishing and other cyber scams is one of the most needed features of antivirus programs. Using modern technologies such as content analysis and filtering, you can protect the user from dangerous websites or messages that pose a threat to privacy and security. It can automatically block websites and emails that contain dangerous links and attachments and warn about portals that can potentially cause data theft.

Another feature is to easily and quickly scan your device for dangerous files and malware. It protects your computer from different types of viruses as it can automatically detect and remove them before they attack the system. Norton 360 Deluxe offers the user real-time protection and automatically updates itself to offer the best protection even against new and increasingly advanced threats.

It also has a feature that allows users to scan hard drives to detect and remove infected files. It also includes tools that allow users to have full control over their data and personal information to prevent their loss and protect against unauthorized access. Privacy allows users to delete cookies, browsing history, and other personal information to prevent online tracking.

An important element of Norton 360 for Gamers is also parental controls. You can monitor children's access to inappropriate content by setting rules and restrictions to provide them with the safest online environment. In addition, under the “School time” option, there are features that make distance learning easier.

The program also includes tools that allow you to back up and protect important data and files to protect them from being lost due to viruses, system failure, hard drive damage, etc. We're talking about backing up and storing it on an external drive or in the cloud, which allows you to quickly recover lost data.

Norton 360 for Gamers also takes care of the performance of the operating system. It tells the user which files and applications are worth removing because they are unused and taking up a lot of disk space and affecting system performance. It also features system diagnostics and maintenance tools to help with troubleshooting and allows users to monitor and manage system resources to keep it running optimally.

Another extremely important asset is the password manager. It helps users to manage and securely store all their login credentials to various online sites and services. Password Manager also includes a strong password generator and verification that passwords have not been previously used in an unauthorized manner, which significantly increases the security of various accounts.

The antivirus for gamers also offers a dark web monitoring feature. It involves tracking and analyzing information about your identity, such as name, email address, and credit card numbers, which may be shared without your consent. When Norton discovers information about your identity, it notifies you immediately and offers support to protect your personal information. It also recognizes full-screen mode and mutes all but the most important security warnings so as not to interrupt your gameplay.

ATTENTION!: If you do not yet have a Norton account, you will be asked for your credit card details when registering in order to complete a recurring subscription. After that, your credit card will automatically be charged annually by NortonLifeLock. You can disable this option later.


  • Operating system Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

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