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Microsoft 365 Personal is for students, students, and all other individual users. What do you gain when you choose this package? First of all, freedom and work convenience thanks to the mobile Office application. Good to know! This product is stackable. This means 1 product key equals an additional 365 days of runtime. You can use a maximum of 5 keys to extend the runtime for up to 5 years.

Licence: 1 user for 1 year

Language Version: All languages


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You will receive this product conveniently to your email address. The email delivery includes the product key, a download link, and a VAT-compliant invoice. We exclusively sell genuine products and provide a 2-year warranty. We are also happy to assist you with the installation. If you have any questions regarding quantity discounts for orders of 5 or more units, please contact us through this form.

Benefits of this product:

  • Your software gets all of the updates released by Microsoft on a regular basis. You will always use the latest and safest versions of programs.
  • Using programms no matter where you are. You can log into your account on up to 5 devices under one license, having the same access to view, edit and share files.
  • 1 TB of space in OneDrive, and at the same time data security thanks to advanced file protection. The cloud has advanced security against cyber threats, e.g. ransomware detection, or the ability to recover files up to 30 days back in case of data loss.
  • You have access to templates, photos, icons and fonts in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact Microsoft support via chat or phone at no extra cost.


If you need more information about Microsoft 365 Personal, please continue reading.

The Office mobile app allows you to create and deliver professional presentations by combining the features of Word and PowerPoint. Layout suggestions, thousands of photos, icons and fonts... You'll also find OneNote, which is a real digital notebook that allows you to create all kinds of lists and notes, additionally marking them with colorful, graphic elements.

With such support, each file will look phenomenal and whats more imporant will be safe! When you'll buy a license, you get access to the OneDrive cloud, which not only protects your files from digital attacks due to its ransomware detection features, but also has additional security in the form of a personal folder that is protected by two-step identity verification.

From now on, it'll be much easier for you to control your calendar, because even if you run several thematic ones, you'll have them in one view as part of Office 365 Personal. You can also easily keep order in e-mails, because thanks to the priority inbox, you can quickly sort the received content. In addition, thanks to the function of suggested replies, you will send a message to the recipient waiting for it much more efficiently. Importantly, you can also perform all these activities offline, so you don't have to worry that interruptions in network access will disturb your work.

And since we're talking about e-mails, it's impossible not to mention Outlook, which, thanks to advanced protection, is a safe place to store up to 50 GB of data contained in e-mails. The function of encryption or removal of dangerous attachments has saved important data of busy users of Microsoft software more than once! In addition, Outlook, thanks to integration with GoDaddy, allows you to create a simple, personalized e-mail address.

Another benefit is the ability to share documents, and much faster and more effective collaboration with others. Due to the very easy sharing of files, the simultaneous work of several people on one document is easy as ABC. This is a great option of the office 365 program for students, because a teamwork, presentation of several friends from elementary school, or a project carried out in a team within the company will be created in such conditions instantly! We also know that such automation can sometimes cause misunderstandings, but thanks to the tracking, suggesting and change history functions, nothing will be missed, and any accidentally deleted fragment will be recoverable.

Of course, you can communicate not only through files. Thanks to the Microsoft Teams service, you can quickly communicate with your co-worker or family member via chat, audio or video call. Importantly, you will also be able to share your screens, so you can easily consult the displayed data or explain how to perform a certain action. And finally, a curiosity! With Microsoft Editor, you can check the correct grammar, spelling and style in documents, emails and content that you enter on websites.



  • Operating system — Windows 10 and 11; macOS
  • PC RAM - 4GB RAM, 2GB RAM (32-bit); Mac - 4GB RAM
  • Computer with processor - 1.6 GHz or faster (dual-core); Mac - Intel processor
  • PC Hard Drive - 4GB; Mac - 10GB

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