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McAfee Live Safe

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McAfee LiveSafe is a comprehensive security software developed by McAfee, a leading provider of cybersecurity. It provides multi-device protection, including antivirus protection, firewall protection, protection against identity theft, and password management, among other features for your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

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  • Device tracking feature to locate it in case of loss.
  • Browse the internet anonymously by encrypting your IP address.
  • Control your child's online environment with parental controls.
  • Secure internet banking and online shopping.
  • Ability to install on an unlimited number of devices with different operating systems under one license.

The software is designed to protect devices and private information from threats such as malware, phishing, hacking, and unauthorized access. It constantly monitors devices and internet connections to prevent potential threats, providing real-time updates and notifications to keep you informed and protected.

It allows you to protect your device from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. It is also possible to immediately block websites and emails with links that McAfee LiveSafe classifies as a threat to your device's security. It also warns against portals that may contribute to data theft.

PC optimization helps you complete tasks faster by automatically focusing your PC on the pending task. The Vulnerability Scanner is used to improve Windows performance and update applications with a tool that scans and installs them all.

The password manager, on the other hand, is designed to manage passwords easily and securely by storing unique passwords, automatically entering them, and even generating them. Another undeniable advantage of using this program is McAfee® Web Advisor. This feature is used for safe internet browsing, online shopping, and all online banking processes. Child access to these websites can also be restricted, as you can filter and control what content children are allowed to interact with online with McAfee® Safe Family.

If your device is stolen or lost, it can be located thanks to the tracking feature. This way, you can remotely locate it and secure the data. It is available on the most common platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can use this feature on all your devices.

Another important aspect is the encryption of your IP address to protect your online activities. McAfee LiveSafe scans your device for insecure passwords or Wi-Fi networks while also providing guidance on how to fix them. It is very user-friendly and can be quickly customized to suit your needs.

It also provides protection against unwanted emails (SPAM), hacking attacks, and other cyber threats, thus protecting both the device and the data stored on it. It blocks phishing sites that threaten your privacy and financial security.

It downloads and installs the latest updates to keep you protected at the highest level. McAfee Internet Security is available in multiple languages, making it easy to use almost anywhere in the world. It also offers free technical support from specialists who can help solve problems and answer questions about the software.

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